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Information regarding Adviser and the Firm's Associates may be found both at the Florida Office of Financial Regulation's website at http://www.flofr.com and at the Florida department of state's website at http://www.sunbiz.org. Information regarding statutes including Chapters 517, 605, 608 and 621, among others, may be found at http://www.leg.state.fl.us/statutes.

Adviser and Adviser Representatives may only transact business in a state if first registered, excluded, or exempted from state Investment Adviser and Adviser Representative registration requirements. Follow-up and/or individualized responses to persons in a state by Adviser or an Advisory Representative that involve either the effecting of or an attempt to effect, transactions in securities or the rendering of personalized investment advice for compensation may require registration first unless an exemption or exclusion is available.

Please note that AboveRock LLC's Firm Brochure (Adviser's Form ADV Part 2A) and Brochure Supplement (Adviser's Form ADV Part 2B), combined as one document, has been filed with the state of Florida at http://www.flofr.com. This document, available at www.adviserinfo.sec.gov, must be read, understood and signed prior to engaging the representative via the Adviser. Before you consider working with us and/or sending monies to a custodian, you must understand and acknowledge that equity investing is long-term and variable in nature, involves loss of some or all of your principal and has no bank/FDIC, savings or credit union/NCUA or NCUSIF guarantee. In some situations, under certain circumstances and depending on where, how and in what your monies are invested, accounts may become eligible for SIPC protection. Please visit www.sipc.org for complete information. The loss of some, or all/100%, of your principal, and/or the erosion of purchasing power, may also apply to fixed-income investments in cases of corporate, institutional, agency, governmental or sovereign insolvency or bankruptcy, as applicable. 

The Founder, Owner, President & Chief Compliance Officer of the Firm Sir & Mr. Bharadwaj “Brad” Venkata Sesha “V. S.” Nippani is also affiliated with REARM LLC, registered with the state of Florida via the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) as a Real Estate Company, and serves as the Firm's Founder, Owner, President & Qualifying Broker. You may find more information at http://www.myfloridalicense.com/dbpr and http://www.sunbiz.org.

Adviser and Adviser Representatives are not attorneys, economists or CPA/tax attorneys and no information presented on this site must be considered as tax or legal advice. Tax and legal advice must be sought from a CPA and/or a tax attorney and when applicable, additional information regarding one's estate must also be sought from an estate planning attorney in your jurisdiction. Some of the views and opinions mentioned on this venue are meant for understanding and informational purposes only and represent the current, good faith perspective of the authors at the time of publication, are subject to change frequently without notice, must not be considered to be an absolute solution to any portfolio or an investment advisory model/strategy and must be coincided with other pertinent factors, expertise, knowledge, guidance and supervision of a qualified investment professional. 

Information presented here is not, and may not, be construed as investment advice, an endorsement, agreement, a testimonial or a recommendation, an offer to sell, exchange, redeem, transfer or a solicitation, an advertisement or a promotion of an offer to buy any security, real estate, or legal, tax, estate or accounting advice.

Past performance, positive or negative, is not a guarantee of future positive or negative results.

Electronic mail messages, together with any attachments, when transmitted via the internet, may not be 100% secure and could potentially be breached, contain or contract viruses and other malware during transmission. AboveRock(SM) LLC and the Firm's affiliates do not accept liability and do not warrant that e-mail communications are virus or defect free. Please do not send unsecure attachments, non-public personal information or trading instructions via e-mail. 

Electronic mail messages and any messages disseminated to AboveRock(SM) LLC and the Firm's associated persons, including phone calls, may be recorded, reviewed, monitored and/or saved for quality assurance, training and compliance purposes in accordance with federal and state regulations and/or firm policies, as applicable. 

Electronic mail messages, together with any attachments, may contain confidential and/or privileged information and are intended solely to be used by the individual/entity to whom they are addressed/directed. Any unauthorized review, use, printing, saving, copying, disclosure of, or distribution of content in, such digital correspondence/communication including any attachments is strictly prohibited. If you have received a message in error, please advise the sender via a reply e-mail and delete all copies immediately. 

The Founder, Owner, President & Chief Compliance Officer of the Firm Sir & Mr. Bharadwaj “Brad” Venkata Sesha “V. S.” Nippani who is also AboveRock(SM) LLC's Supervising, Examining & Examinations Principal & the Principal Executive Officer of, at (@), regarding (re) & with respect to (wrt) AboveRock(SM) LLC, @ AboveRock(SM) LLC, the Adviser Firm (aka the "Adviser"), & who governs, supervises, administers, is responsible for, & births, journeys and arrives at one or more responsibilities, expectations & accountabilities regarding this matter/such matter(s) and, on a continuous basis, identifies and records applicable factors, processes, policies & information in the Firm's documents, also reviews, considers, authorizes, approves & publishes the communication as well as content on this Site.

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