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Today, 2019

Through this letter, I affirm to you that I, on behalf of AboveRock LLC, continue to persevere each day, & along the continuum in Time, Truth & Trust In ETERNAL LAW. My ongoing responsibility & expectation begins with myself & those I conduct my due diligence & work with as a human being, a person, with other human beings, also persons, each an individual, including, but not limited to, with entities such as our world’s renowned technology & software, hardware, device & equipment service providers, custodians, vendors, affiliates & human persons therein including arriving at establishing with respect to any of our documents, agreements, correspondence & conversations, the context, basis, reference point, belief, balance & behavior regarding security, content, privacy, information integrity, intellectual property & creative & derivative rights seen, viewed, understood & surrounded in Awareness by the following terms:

1) Lawfulness,
2) Honor,
3) Truthfulness,
4) Honesty,
5) Sincerity,
6) Dignity,
7) Conscience,
8) Integrity,
9) Candor,
10) Openness,
11) Legality,
12) Governance,
13) Ethics,
14) Morality, &
15) Wisdom.

If these terms, important & anchoring principles which I've alluded to in humility and with respect are important to you and you would like to visit with me to discuss them, their applicability & relevance further, please call me at 904-535-2860 or e-mail me at with your contact information so I may confirm this communication with you in our records and reach out to you. Please also allow my ability to call you to confirm receipt of the same and to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation meeting for us to continue this conversation.


Bharadwaj "Brad" Nippani,
Founder, Owner, President & Chief Compliance Officer,
AboveRock LLC, PO Box 550508, Jacksonville, Florida 32255-0508.
P 904 535 2860 / E / W

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