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Today, 2019

Through this letter, I wish to invite you, and your spouse (or significant other), if you so desire, to dinner at a local restaurant at the Town Center or any other location, or an online web meeting via the computer &/or the phone, as preferred and applicable on a day and at a time of your choosing so I may present AboveRock LLC to you.

During this meeting, I will discuss the following items, among others, which I believe will allow for a worthwhile visit:
1). What are some of the reasons you may want to consider when beginning or continuing a working relationship with a fee-only Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) Firm,
2). How AboveRock LLC establishes and delivers Value via the Services it offers to you, the Client (also discussed in Item 4),
3). Why it may be increasingly important to arrive at an Investment Advisory relationship as well as a Portfolio's construction that frequently qualifies, validates and reaffirms the Fiduciary Duty a Firm has to its Clients, & lastly,
4). Where and when may it be especially important to harness Hope, Certainty and strengthen a belief in the Domestic and Global Equity and Fixed Income markets as one solves for economic and geo-political events which, it seems, may continue to persist in the months and years to come.

I ardently hope that you will accept my invitation. I can be reached at 904-535-2860 or via e-mail at and will gladly assist you with finding a mutually convenient time for us to begin this conversation. 


Bharadwaj "Brad" Nippani,
Founder, Owner, President & Chief Compliance Officer,
AboveRock LLC, PO Box 550508, Jacksonville, Florida 32255-0508.
P 904 535 2860 / E / W

Services Offered Through AboveRock LLC – A Registered Investment Adviser.

Please visit for important firm, compliance, regulatory and legal disclosures.

Title: Invitation / (Date)
Purpose: For Marketing Efforts Via The Firm's Website         
Approval Date: July 05, 2019

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