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Content disseminated by the Founder, Owner, President & Chief Compliance Officer of the Firm Sir & Mr. Bharadwaj “Brad” Venkata Sesha “V. S.” Nippani, also referred to as Bharadwaj Venkata Sesha Nippani, Brad Nippani, Bharadwaj "Brad" Nippani, Bharadwaj VenkataSesha Nippani, Bharadwaj V. S. Nippani, Bharadwaj V. Nippani, Bharadwaj Nippani, Brad V. Nippani or Bhardu Nippani, via his social media accounts may not be construed as investment advice, an endorsement, agreement, a testimonial or a recommendation, an offer to sell, exchange, redeem, transfer or a solicitation, an advertisement or a promotion of an offer to buy anything, or real estate, legal, tax, medical, estate or accounting advice. Please call Brad Nippani for further clarity regarding this disclosure. 

Social media posts, interactions, tweets, retweets and other opinions, and at times, data, when posted, made available or made accessible, via Brad Nippani's social media profile, page or website, or by a third party on such a social media profile, page or a website, are for informational purposes only and do not necessarily reflect Brad Nippani's views. Such information is deemed current when made available, posted, tweeted or retweeted by the authors, and is subject to change without notice. Brad Nippani neither knows nor has reason to believe that any Content posted by a 3rd party on social media profiles, pages or websites such as Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, or on a 3rd party's own social media profile, page or a website which you may be directed to, is illegal or inaccurate, is neither entangled nor has adopted such information, cannot be held liable and disclaims all liability which may arise due to illegalities or inaccuracies, misstatements, incomplete and/or untimely information presented or expressed by the authors, writers or anyone sharing their views, information, opinions, thoughts or conversations therein, now or in the future. 

While retaining all inherent, applicable, afforded and/or granted Intellectual Property Rights of authorship and ownership, among others with respect to Content, whether local, state or federal within the United States of America or those which are inherent, applicable, afforded and/or granted Intellectual Property Rights of authorship and ownership, among others with respect to Content internationally, whether on land, sea, space or cyberspace, or anywhere else where such Content may reside, pertaining to terms of use, patent, trademark or copyright laws, security or privacy policies and/or end-user license agreements, Brad Nippani cannot be held responsible and, given the nature, scope, disclosure, function, manner, utilization and movement of data and information, including when at rest as applicable to servers, computers, devices and technologies with respect to various programming languages, code, programs, applications and their updates and upgrades, disclaims all liability which may arise due to the terms of use, patent, trademark or copyright laws, security or privacy policies, and/or end-user license agreements, as applicable, of social media websites or any other websites Brad Nippani's social media website or social media profile page may direct you to. These responsibilities, and the ensuing risks therein, are yours to bear.

With respect to Facebook, the clicking of the "Like" or "Subscribe" button by other individuals should not be considered as a reflection or a recommendation of Brad Nippani, or the services offered by Brad Nippani via his affiliated companies. The clicking of the "Like" or "Subscribe" button should only be considered as a means to circulate and receive news updates from Brad Nippani via Facebook. Visitors to Brad Nippani's Facebook page must avoid posting reviews of their experiences with Brad Nippani or his services as such testimonials are prohibited under state and federal securities laws and may be prohibited under state and/or federal real estate laws. Please understand that Brad Nippani's clicking of the "Like" or "Subscribe" button or posting a comment or an opinion on any Facebook page does not constitute Brad Nippani's testimonial on behalf of that Facebook page, its content, owners or affiliates, or Brad Nippani's endorsement of that particular Facebook page, its content, any of its associated persons, or their services. As he understands it, clicking the "Like" or "Subscribe" button, not meant in the traditional sense, is merely a mechanism for him to disseminate updates and information from his Facebook page, or receive updates and information from a Facebook page owner who, as understood by him to be a normal practice, circulates such information through a Facebook page to others via the "Like" or "Subscribe" button.

With respect to Twitter, Brad Nippani is not responsible for tweets and/or retweets of his followers, or of those they follow, or anyone else, and reserve the right to block anyone including, but not limited to, a friend, follower or a connection, who posts, advertises, promotes, tweets and/or retweets, or displays, content which may be considered hate speech.

With respect to Linkedin, introductions, connections, conversations and/or interactions do not indicate or imply an approval, an endorsement, a testimonial or a recommendation.

Tweets, posts and other electronic messages, including those with attachments and/or hyperlinks, when transmitted or accessed via the internet, may not be 100% secure and could potentially be breached, contain or contract viruses and other malware during transmission. Brad Nippani and his affiliates do not accept liability and do not warrant that such electronic communications are virus or defect free.

Past tweet, like or a connect, positive or negative, is not a guarantee of a future positive or a negative tweet, like or a connect.

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